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Hey there, don't mind me! I'm just digging up an old thread (as is my fuckin' birthright, check the charter, I scribbled it in the margin on page 3) and putting a few air freshners around its neck. You barely notice the smell, right?

Everyone staying sane-ish? We're keeping it together, but I find that i am not full introverted so I am starting to get a bit frustrated at not being around people for so long.

At least we're not in Miami, anymore. That city sucks a decapitated goat's balls. There is no shortage of those there. Fuck those psychotic santeria asshats. We're living just north of Atlanta now. We are finally settling down and putting out roots to poison the well and damage some foundations. Found an oversized logcabin out in the woods that we both love, so we're gearing up to buy it. Exciting, but there is just so much bullshit to be done before we can move in. What are inspection, appraisal, amoritization, and due dilligence periods about? Are we going to have to check the sub-basement? We can't get flashlights to work at all down there and It smells pretty bad, fuck that.

Wife is lecturing at one of the state schools. Less money than her gig in Miami, but it is doesn't stink of for-profit-education and we can afford to live well in this area regardless of her making a bit less. I've moved over to software dev full time (python and some perl) and regularly feeling well out of my depth, which is a good thing. I need challenges or I end up doiing horrible things just to amuse myself, but I would never go full santeria. I've had two jobs since January, but #2 is looking like a good long term gig. First gig was at a marketting firm ran by finely-aged fratboys. I saw that they were going to run their dev team into the ground, so I left after about six weeks, and so did the devs that were there before me. The leadership there was horrible to non-existant, so they've royally fucked themselves and deserve it. I am so glad I don''t have to fistbump another dipshit friend of the CEO and try to semi-professionally answer the question 'You killing it?' ever again. I am at financial analysis firm with a great dev team and leadership that leaves us alone for the most part. They check in semi-regularly to make sure they're getting what they want from us and we have what we need to give them what they want. Not a bad setup.

I have never been all that good at writing the end of papers, emails, or letters to satan.
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