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Originally Posted by Ronin S View Post
Thanks for coming through, RoG, maybe a ninja-werewolf-robot got him, or something. Or he's more likely off somewhere cackling maniacally with his ill-gotten goods, curse his hide.

I know you guys will more than make up for it.
Hey Ronin, I just wanted to let you know that we ordered your gifts. They're being shipped to me first cuz the company doesn't ship out of the country, but myself, 10,000 Volt Ghost and Dr. Boogie are all pitching in to make sure you have a nice Secret Santa event. So once it arrives here, I'll forward it to your mailing address. If your mailing address has changed since the start of the Secret Santa event back in November, please send me a PM with your updated info, otherwise, I'll be shipping it to the one you gave to 10KVG.

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