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What is this? A package for moi? Any explosive tags or chakra laced traps inside?

No traps. Good thing too, I couldn't find where I put my forehead protector. Ah, and it feels heavy...

First, a note from RoG, plus a napkin booklet and some food shaped erasers. We're off to a good start.

Yes, i-Mockery, I am happy you have sent shiny stickers! Now I have Count Pop in my grasp and shall Kneel Before Zod!

Postcards commemorating i-Mockery's YouTube launch, Abobo's Big Adventure and Bigfoot, truly life affirming events for the ages, right up there with the time I took out that giant snake.

A bubblegum card, a Tournament of Nerds sticker and a Tickle my Pickle pin button. My friend who was taking the picture sincerely did not know if that was a euphemism, I assured her it was not (she has difficulty with sarcasm and double entendres sometimes...).

A box within a box. With a question mark too, no less. What nefarious surprise awaits me? Tune into the next episode of Drago- no, no, wait, sorry, sorry, wrong show.

Let's move on, shall we?

Novelty candy! Bubblegum balls shaped like meatballs and a handful of heavy lollipops. I'm not a big sucker!

And finally, gum shaped like cat hairballs and a bunch of novelty mints. There's regular, Cthulhu, ranch, onion ring, curry and garlic. It's like a meal to go, perfect for running missions while running with your arms stretched out like a bird!

And I guess that's it! We are wrapped up for this year's Secret Santa! Or is that RoG's line?

I wanna thank all the i-Mockery crew who came together after whatshisname went AWOL. I know RoG, 10,000 Volt Ghost and Dr. Boogie (let me know if I missed anyone) all pooled together this awesome pack full of sweet ninja loot for me. Hope everyone had a lot of fun and I'll definitely be participating again next year if it's in the budget.