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Old Nov 6th, 2009, 12:58 PM        what happend to me, a story for chojin
ok this might be a long story, nothing i say in this is to make people feel sorry for me or anything like that. i will be honest with most of it, but in a few spots i will have to take poetic license cause this IS the intraweb and some things are other peoples business and not mine to post. i hope this can go unsaid, but i ask for no pity from anyone on this. i have had time to deal with all of it and i think it is all kind of funny now so:

1995 to about mid 1997

ok, this is to provide a little background, cause the full impact of everything else that happens is lost without a little background.

May 1995: I am offered a comission in the Marines. I have worked six years for this day. It is what i have wanted since I was 17yrs old. My wife Nancy has supported me, and helped me to get to this point. We have just had a new baby. Life is PERFECT. I have money, a nice house, two cars, and I love my wife with all of my heart. When I tell Nancy about being accepted into OCS (under an enlisted comissioning program) she tells me "If you stay in the Marines I will divorce you."

I decide to get out of the Marines. As a side note, I would have been able to retire this year if I had stayed in.

October 1995: I get out of the Marines and we (my family) move in with my mother in law. We move in with her because the death of her husband has left her reeling (oddly enough, he had been on his way to visit Nancy and I and had a car accident) and she literally got on her knees and begged us to move in with her.

Nancy has a surgery at Bethesda Naval Medical Center. It is a simple Gaul Bladder removal, same day release surgery that got postponed cause of her being pregnant, so the military was doing it because it was a legacy condition. They botched it, and it turned into the biggest nightmare that I could have ever imagined. They killed her through incompetence at least three times. The woman that came out of that "Same Day" surgery three months later was a very different version of the person who went in.

December 26, 1995: I get thrown out of my mother in laws house i did not see this coming, i came home from work and my shit was packed and MIL and Wife said I had to go. I would later learn that my Wife had told my MIL that I was cheating on her, and that I had a drug problem (it had been three years since i had even had a drink, much less drugs)

February 1996: After living with a friend for a few months I decide to go back in the Marines. I join a unit near my hometown. I have a lot of fun in this unit and a lot of interesting adventures. Nancy in the kids move into base housing with me. Nancy and I fight almost constantly, and it is awful.

July 1996: I am on a deployment in San Diego, CA. I call home to tell my wife I got a tattoo (it had her name on it BTW) and she tells me that she's glad I called because she wouldnt be there when I got back. When I get home all the stuff is gone, and the only thing left is my dog (it had been sick when I left) and it is dead in the middle of what had been the living room.

January 1997: Nancy turns up and asks me for money for an abortion. I am all for a woman having the right to choose and all that, but none of my money will ever go to murder a baby. I convince her to put it up for adoption, and end up taking responsibility for organizing the whole thing for her (mostly be getting her Mom and Sisters to take her to an Adoption agency). I set it up so she can have the baby at the base hospital. When my command realizes that i am helping my estranged wife have another mans baby on the USMC's dime it effectively ends my USMC career, and I am denied reenlistment.

August 1997: Nancy has the baby. I get slapped in the face by a nurse that I had been dating when Nancy and I were split up.

that sums up this part. Nancy and I get back together, mostly because i cannot take being seperated from my children. Things are actually pretty good for awhile, and during this time is when I met a lot of the old imockery crowd (including boring roger and doopa to death at a party at my house )

ok, i gotta take a break for a minute. more to come...
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