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you understand

once me and the kids were at a gas station. at the time we had this monster of a jeep. it looked like it had gotten blown up in the war, and put back to use after very minor repairs.

we were all in pajama's and some gay assed 80's song came on the radio that all WaWa'a and Sheets seem to play at top volume. me and the kids started dancing, and i am sure we looked like a pack of retards.

there was this guy putting gas in his mecedes at the pump directly in front of us. he was a very well appointed fellow, and he gave us a look of disgust. we all stop dancing, and my daughter Tuesday says "look at that guy!"

i started laughing and said loud enough for him to hear "Fuck him!"

Tuesday laughs and replies "Yeah! We know how to live!"

and we all start dancing again. The guy gets obviously upset, slams the nozzle back in the pump, slams his car door and goes roaring out of the gas station as we dance and laugh.

FZ i think you might get the point of this story. you sir now how to live, and i bet your grandfather would like your joke.
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