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Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
Don't worry, blasted child and Zhukov will come up with another convoluted spin on why this doesn't equate.
How DOES it equate? You haven't manged to say why government transparency will lead to the collapse of free American society.

Ultimately, they will find they are in the un-silent minority, I have questioned dozens of people about this. To a man they all agree wikileaks is a destructive force, that full transparency is unrealistic, and that the only people who are for wikileaks are those who love to hate America
Ah, rats. Defeated by the 'everyone I've talked to agrees with me' argument. Damn! Gets me every time! If all the people that Pentegarn has questioned agree that (despite not even knowing about my existence) I hate America, it must be true. Damn!

Earlier the founding fathers were quoted talking about the need for open governments. But the thing is that these things they said were said in a time when all you needed to defend your life and your property was a gun. It isn't that simple now. For example, the SSA is a government organization, if Zhukov and Blasted Child have their way, hundreds of millions of Social Security numbers will be considered public record because they are after all government documents. A gun can't defend you from an identity thief that then uses that posted information to steal your identity from halfway across the world. But hey, let's get all that government information out there we have a right to it right?
A few pages ago you can find Blasted Child pointing out what kind of information SHOULD be considered confidential and private.

So, where is your proof that Julian Assange or Wikileaks are hacking into and stealing US military secrets?

What are the sensitive military secrets that Wikileaks has stolen, and why are they so dangerous if people know about them?

How does Wikileaks encourage other people to hack and steal information for them?
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