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Originally Posted by arg_zombies View Post
Oh, and am I the only one who thinks that the plots of Super Mario and Zelda are suspiciously similar?

I feel lonely being the only person making these
People, make more!
Mekka lekka hai, mekka heiny ho!

Also, Mario and Zelda are really different, AS ONE CAN SEE.
SMB1-Mario must traverse a kingdom of mutated Toads to rescue a Princess from King Koopa.
LOZ-Link must quest a barren land where villagers have fled from monsters to save a Princess from Ganon.

Now yes, they start out kinda similar, but their latest games are very different.

SMS-Mario must clean an island of filth to clear his name and save Peach from an evil duplicate of himself.
TWW-Link must gather sacred stones across the seas to save his sister and discover the secret of Hyrule's end.