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I have yet to see any broadcast liberal news, bitch face.

*By 'substance,' you mean 'opinion,' right?

*I would also like to add that most of the war coverage is laughable at best. You get to stare at a poorly-photoshopped profile of a guy that looks like he's dressed for a Safari and listen to him over what sounds like a Fisher-Price walkie talkie in a fishtank.

"They're shooting the guns now. Okay, okay, that annoying high-pitched sound? The 'big invincible death gun' turning. They're shooting at some other things now. All signs suggest that our murderous invasion is going as planned."

"Thanks, Dan. Our prayers and God are with you and all our brave troops, especially the fifteen that have cruelly and unjustly died in this unprovoked attack on another country. May their murderers be forever taunted and jabbed at with pointy sticks in the neverending flames that epilogue their foreign, meaningless lives. Except for those murdering by friendly fire, which coincedentally accounts for 14 of the total deaths. And that guy in Kill Team 5261 that tripped and went tumbling down a rocky enbankment."
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