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Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
I think BAMF got his life in enough order to give out advice!

Good job! Your still married right?

Just joking, glad to see you back.
Ha! You remember that. Yes, I pulled it out. In the end, I just let it go and just kept on plugging through. With a few rough spots here and there, it seems to be over, but of course, the cycle will start again.

But yeah, I would totally say that if you're single, do what you want to. You only live once. Just don't molest kids or anything. Make sure that meat's aged about 18 years!!!! And ask for ID, fuck these smart kids today trying to trick people up. Get notarized copies of the birth certificates.

Then hump away!
oh jes, he's sayin' what you think he's sayin'......
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