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Well, I already said that a while ago "I don't want to jump to conclusions..." etc, she didn't deny it was her IP, since it was her home AND work one, she just denied it being her looking through my history and emails. Some sort of shared file, apparently.

I changed my password, and her IP hasn't popped up again, even though we are still "sharing" these same files. She basically told me that if she accesses this file we share it logs her IP to my account, and vice versa. If she accesses it and there is no IP evidence, then it sort of proves that it was a bit of a lie to cover her tracks.

I think I will just tell her that it doesn't matter and I forgive you blah blah, I don't care if you went into my account but please don't lie about stuff to me like that again, because it makes me feel stupid and breaks my heart

I might let you know how it goes whenever I work up the courage to confront her.
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