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One thing they like to do later on is throw more and more previous bosses at you. In one level you have to fight 1st Level bosses plus one of the annoying invincible-buff-teleport enemies at one while the ground collapses gradually. Really fucking annoying...but it only took me two or three tries. The most annoying part for me might have been a jumping section with the collapsing bridge. 6 or 10 tries I guess.

I think the only tips one can give for the combat are:

-Use the heal-skill, it´s cheap and almost always available
-Use the dismember-grab, it provides you with weapons when there are none around
-Always kill glowing enemies first, they can twohit you
-Berserker, Berserker, Berserker. Whenever you see a normal Boss, whenever things get too tough, whenever you´re almost dead: Berserker Mode is you best friend in this game

That´s all I can think of right now. The game isn´t Ninja Gaiden-difficult, it mostly suffers from some poor design choices I´d say.

And I too hope we´ll get a sequel, I really like the story and the characters of the game and that´s quite a feat for a game called Splatterhouse. A little Herbert West - Reanimator, a bit Charles Dexter Ward, a bit of the eldritch menace from beyond the stars, those guys knew their Lovecraft, no doubt
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