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Originally Posted by MLE View Post
Zhuk's got you beat out in senority, you know. Also, you started the name calling, and he didn't stoop to that level and continued to attack your arguments instead of you.
First off, I don't know what "senority" or even seniority for that matter, would have to do with this. Only seems to matter to people like you though

Second off, he threw the first insult when he said:

Originally Posted by zukhov
So you ARE saying that gassing Kurds and torturing civilians should have been kept classified?
which I never actually said, and he knew I never actually said, he only posted that to as you so poetically put it, 'stoop to that level' first. And to make me look hateful to distract from what I was trying to say.

I get it MLE, you dislike me personally, I also don't give a crap. That said, the least you can do is not make up events to push that agenda along. Try to stick to things that actually happened mmmkay?
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