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I don't think you realize how the LAW works. Even if you think he's a foreigner or whatever so the six amendment didn't apply to him or whatever theres still certain ways to treat other soldiers in war ;/ PLUS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER THAN THEM
and yea if we can just kill osama whats to stop us from just killing people like saddam without a trial? Or any other leader of a country that we deem wrong? Or anybody really. All we gotta do is attack our own country, put a fake beard on some dude and some 80's boots and be all, "I HATE AMERICA AND IM THE ONE THAT DID IT" and we have a license to kill?

plus how are we any different than them? Not like he didn't see it as an action of war when he attacked us: attacking something that might have been perceived as an important part of our infrastructure, which could be said to be endemic of his problems with us (globalization), and luring us into a war that fucked our economy over (and maybe the world trade center being sploded added to that).

anyway i dunno why I'm arguing this i dont care well a small part of me cares
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