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So let me summarize here.

Zuhkov decides to once again take a stance where he can take pot shots at America by attacking the use of the word 'justice'. I poiint our why this stance is flawed in several ways including

- The Laws of the Constitution apply to US citizens
- Giving him even a remote chance to get off, however unlikely is out of the question because the justice system in prone to make mistakes
- treating this as a crime is ridiculous because it was an act of war against the US
- some of history's greatest leaders would have agreed with how this was handled
- bin Laden would have treated this as a stage in which to spout more anti US propaganda

Rather than properly parry any of these points, you instead say things like 'fuck off', 'you have problems', and 'you utter utter fool'.

OK, since you wouldn't listen to reason, I am then forced to question your motives. If someone in the face of so many reasons why they are wrong clings so forcefully to such a ridiculous point, one has to ask why. Based on many of your posts and based on your fervor and devotion to a basically broken economic concept that history itself proves will never work and that said concept's biggest enemy has always been the US, I am forced to conclude your posts are agenda driven.

You have acted like a petulant child and a bitch throughout this entire thread and I got more than a little tired of it pages ago. You want to be treated like a man, fucking act like one you little bitch
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