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cumin then. also u got no onions and i dont put garlic in mine. and y rosemary?

salt doesnt make up for the lack of pork and chicken broth kinda helps but a little bit of lard+chicken broth is better. Salt is just salt it doesn't replace a pork flavor. The flavors are all completely different.. at least when u refry it/brown the onions do it in lard. when u eat beans in the restaurant its basically lard+chicken broth flavor, or hamhocks.

and dont use butter it makes it taste bad

i spent years trying to make good mexican beans and the ones that tasted closest to a mexican food restaurant used lard+chicken broth or hamhocks. i also tried bacon but i thought it made it taste too much like bbq beans

also i think ur not supposed to cook beans in salt cause it does something o their consistency.
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