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I got a mystery package with a mystery note for Christmas.

After much frustration, I finally solved it!

Even at first glance I am extremely stoked with what Ex Leper got me! Thank you so much!

I do not own any of these already but I am so happy about the book! I'm not surprised that I have seen most of the movies they write about haha. Mr Bungle who I've heard of and am keen to check out, and a Ween CD that has the one Ween song on it that I know from years ago when I heard it on an indie radio station (Waving My Dick In The Wind)

Some killer pins and magnets that are going to make my bag and fridge look extra awesome.

A terrifying Bio-Hazard mask complete with green toxic looking edges!

And last but not least, a tattoo sleeve with some wicked cool koi fish on them, that is a little too small for my manly arm haha.

Thanks again bud! I cleaned up!