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Ok sspadowsky, please explain to me how I am a moron? Also explain to me how you would handle N. Korea if such a situation such as I described would, God forbid, happen.

So, my comic book rhetoric bothers you? Why? Was Hitler in your opinion evil and a madman? What about Stalin, who murdered tens of millions? Was Pol Pot an insane madman, or was he just misunderstood? Was Tojo of the imperialistic Japan a madman for being under a govt that slaughtered millions of Chinese so the Japanese would start their empire of the sun and eliminate the "unpure" races, such as Germany tried to do with the Jews?

Please enlighten my idiotic ass about world diplomacy. I am all ears. And, since you do not keep thinking you are proclaiming the truth, I go after your points constantly. You are the one that does not go after mine.

You have the floor. Convince me I am wrong.
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