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Marine Core would not have me right now. Wouldnt pass their physical.

Show me where I am full of shit about Saddam. Did Hitler all of a sudden have tons of weapons and generals that would die for his cause appear after praying for them one day? No, they appeared after time. The same types of restrictions on Saddam were like the same ones that were on Germany after WWI. Hitler went ahead and kept building his war machines. No one stopped him. He kept doing what he wanted to build up the SS, and no one stopped him. We finally tried after he mass murdering had begun.

So, how do you think we should stop Saddam? Now, please tell me how. But, here is what we can work out. I'd like to go out and get a few Iraqi citizens that have lived under Saddam's regime. Ya know, the ones who have limbs torn off, were hung upside during their menstrual cycles to be humiliated, the children who are now blind because their parents dissented, all that good stuff. Now, I want you to go up to them and tell them that Bush is an evil imperalistic war monger and that we should have had more inspections and that this war is wrong and unjust. Please have a video camera present and with a lot of video tape. The hiliarity would then ensue.

Then, go to a group of troops and tell them that they are fighting an unjust war. Tell the troops that saw the murdered, the raped, the muliated, the orphaned, the starved. Make sure you start this as soon as they land back from Iraq. Bring that same camera. Hilarity ensues again.

And since our president is an idiot, tell us how you would handle the whole situation, since our Harvard and Yale educated president is an idiot and you are a supreme intelligence. I would honest-to-God like to hear how YOU would handle this whole situation.
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