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Marine Core would not have me right now. Wouldnt pass their physical.
They'd probably not have you just because you can't spell "Corps."

Hitler wasn't under the thumb of the world's super-powers for 12 years while trying to rebuild the Wermacht. Germany had been operating under the provisions of the Versailles treaty for over ten years before Hitler came into power, their entire nation was in shambles, and most of Europe had simply written them off as being no longer dangerous.

That is not the case with Iraq. Any time Hussein has gotten a little out of line, bombs started falling on Baghdad. Get it? I need not even mention the No-Fly zones that have been pretty strictly enforced. Hitler was a kid in a candy store. Hussein is a kid in a looted and burned candy store with a shitload of armed guards and security cameras watching his every move.

Now, for your other vitriolic bullshit: I have no beef with our troops. I respect them immensely, and I want them to get home safely.

Ya know, the ones who have limbs torn off, were hung upside during their menstrual cycles to be humiliated, the children who are now blind because their parents dissented, all that good stuff.
I'd like to know where you got this stuff. Not saying it didn't happen. Besides, I've never said that Hussein wasn't a threat to his own people. I said he's not a threat to the US. Because, you know... HE'S NOT.

As for how I'd handle it? Just like Kissinger did in 1973. I'd have the CIA assassinate him.

By the way, I'm really tired of hearing about Bush's fuckin' education. George Carlin dropped out of school after 9th grade, and he'd mop the floor with Bush in a debate. I know people with Master's Degrees that are barely competent enough to tie their own shoes. Where you went to college, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't mean shit. All these little distinctions people so dearly love to tout, they don't mean a fuckin' thing. Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize, but that doesn't change the fact that he's an evil fuck.
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