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Originally Posted by mburbank

Suppose we'd put up some serious objections when Hitler first came to power and cut off trade with germany? Suppose we'd gotten together with other nations and isolated Germany and made it easy for Jews to emigrate? How many might have lived then? I'm not saying I'm not grateful, because I am. I'm not saying I'm not proud of what America did in WWII because I am. But you want to know how much prouder I'd be if we'd done everything we could do short of war ten years before the war? Do you know anything about how Hitler came to power? Or do you just say the magic word "HITLER!" and thereby justify war?
I've seen many a documentary on the "History Channel" wherein several political scientists/historian theorize that World War I & II were, as far as Europe is concerned, part of the same war. The sanctions emposed on Austrian-German empire by the "Treaty of Versailles" were severe and left the area in an economic state many times worse than our American depression. It's no suprise that someone with the charisma of Hitler could come to power and inspire the kind of nationalism he did using his "stated" socialistic platform ... it was all about timing really. I'm not defending Hitler in any way but I must admit he was a shrewd politician that read the post World War I atmosphere expertly. It's just too bad he was an evil SOB in many other ways.

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