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Ok, the results are in and here are your winners!

Slobulus - one 3rd place vote, two 2nd place votes, one 1st place vote (Ol' Saint Sick)
MysticJoJo - two 2nd place votes, one 1st place vote (The Inconvenient Truth)
Madman914 - two 3rd place votes (various)

It was really close between 1st and 2nd place, but Slobulus squeaked by with one more vote than MysticJoJo. Congrats to all our winners and thanks to everybody who entered. It was definitely one of the harder contests we've had to judge in recent times, so kudos to all of you who sent in some entries.

To the winners, please send me a PM with your full name and mailing address info along with your prize selections, and I'll send them out as soon as possible.

If you didn't win, don't fret, we have some great new contests coming up this month, so keep your eyes peeled for 'em!
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