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Your question is a typical loaded emotional question.

1) You assume that the people of Iraq could not have a democracy or a constitutional monarchy or anything better than your choices given above. So first, your question is invalid because as per a liberal, you only give half the info. I should also add it’s pretty damn arrogant that you believe that Iraqis can’t have a good govt.

2) I don’t want anyone to die except people who are evil. Our troops for the most part are not evil. Unfortunately, since I happen to live in reality and see the big picture, people sometimes die for good causes. If a country was threatening to attack us (Which N. Korea has now been) and the only thing to do would be to have a régime change, then so be it. We can not police the world, but we must protect ourselves, and if protecting ourselves mean policing part of the world, then so be it. I care about my family first and foremost. If my family is in danger, then I want bullets in the brains of whoever would put them in danger.
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