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OH, MAN VINCE!! You are truly a priceless gem!

You are such a knee jerk reactionary you didn't even get that GA was writing!

" I would hope that the courtesy that I personally, and hopefully many others, extend to the anti war camp are returned to those of us who aren't oppossed to military intervention. That is to say that just as I would not arbitrarily condemn anyone who's anti-war as a left wing hippy fanatic, I would hope that i would not be automatically lbe abeled a conservative right wing zealot because of my opinion. "

GA is NOT OPPOSED TO MILITARY ACTION! He doesn't lable me a 'hippy fanatic" (or air headed bleeding heart pussy in your eliquent college employee lingo) and hopes I will not lable him a 'conservative right wing zealot'. He is actively calling for pople not to lable supporters of this war!

Which, by the way, GA, I certainly do not. But apparently you aren't 'classy' enough for Vince.
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