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My kid wanted to be a jellyfish this year because she loves jellyfish. So I was thinking, uh, okay, we can do this. I got a clear pink umbrella and hung a pink hoop inside to offset the tentacles, which I made out of pink ruffly ribbon with fish tangled up in it here and there. It didn't look bad, if I say so myself. When I made it, I googled "jellyfish costume" and the only real picture of one was two women at a festival or something in jellyfish hats.

So I took her to an amusement park and she won 2nd place, which was a big backpack full of amusement park stuff and very cool. So I'm thinking, ok, we did all right with this one, apparently it does look like a jellyfish.

Then a woman in big bee-glasses came up to me and started talking about how the costume is on pinterest and she knew I'd found it on pinterest. I didn't find it on pinterest. I've grown to hate pinterest for precisely this reason- there are no original ideas anymore. But apparently it looked like something that was on pinterest.

Today we were in a costume parade and there was another jellyfish. Not done the exact same way, but similar. So I guess other people must have come up with the same idea at the same time or something.

To be fair, my kid was carrying an empty jumbo tub of Jif as her trick or treat bucket because she decided she should be a peanut butter and jellyfish. Some people got that, some didn't.

I fucking hate Pinterest.
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