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I brought my Schecter C-1 classic with dual humbuckers to brazil and I also just recently bought a sick ass practice amp called a THR10X, it's a processor, no tubes, but the absolute best gain and distortion for such a small amp. Was about $300 but has a ton of effects and sounds better than my Spider III which is a beast. I have a few others, an old accoustic that I started on, generic brand, a beautiful Takimine accoustic that one of my ex's got for me, I also have a rebuilt Ibanez GIO with some nice EMG's and a floyd rose set up, also at home, missing that one because my schecter does not have a tremolo bar, however I've been playing more technical stuff and this guitar is purely built for shred.

I love thrash and it is what I started playing, and most of my excercises are based on alot of megadeth riffs, but I've really been into doing the exact same thing as you, working more on how I pick and how I play notes, I'd say more of a Boston/Satriani type feel that I'm really getting into lately. Ever play in front of people?
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