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For starters, Bob was baiting him.

In the first period, Nash had his back to Bob and was crowding the crease. Bob extended his stick and gave him a sharp poke in the calf, and he went down. Nash looked for a penalty and got nothing. I think he also did a slash that first period.

The really big one happened just after the Nash goal that was waved off. He made to pick up his stick and Bob made to use his own stick to hoist it toward him. Just as Nash reached out, Bob gave his stick a shove and sent Nash's stick sliding just out of reach. Nash jumped up and gave Bob a hard shove in the throat and then all hell broke loose. By all reports, Bob was laughing. Jackets came flying out of nowhere and started pounding.

Then later, Matt Calvert fought Nash again, and did a very similar calf-jab move to knock him down. It was nuts.

So yeah, even though I'm a diehard Jackets fan and Bob's our guy, I have to admit here that Bob was being a dick, which was highly unusual for him. He and Nash both usually go the hardworker, above-that-shit route. It was taunting and it was dick moves out of Bob left and right, and it would almost have to just be some sort of assertion of dominance, like, "My team now, bitch."

I don't know. Guys are stupid. I was mainly just sort of amazed it happened at all. I wonder who gave Bob villain lessons.
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