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I'd rather not get into the specifics of the merits and consequences of war here because quite frankly in my opinion the matter is far too complex to be fairly addressed on a message board. It would lead to long winded marathon posts that no one would want to read anyway.

But I do want to say this. I would hope that the courtesy that I personally, and hopefully many others, extend to the anti war camp are returned to those of us who aren't oppossed to military intervention. That is to say that just as I would not arbitrarily condemn anyone who's anti-war as a left wing hippy fanatic, I would hope that i would not be automatically lbe abeled a conservative right wing zealot because of my opinion.

I'm a little oppossed to the term "pro-war". As an anti war activist, you reap the benefits of feeling like a benevelont humanist. If you support war, you are "pro-war", as if to say you relish the opportunity to engage in wanton death and destruction. I, as I would guess many others, and certainly a majority of those who are charged with carrying out such a war hardly enjoy it.

You will find many of the folks currently engaged in military operations will say they are thoroughly looking forward to going home and would probably quite frankly rather not fight. However, they believe that the good of the nation requires it, morally right or wrong, so they fight.

Anyhow, there ought to be a distinction for those of us who do not enjoy war, but have still come to the conclusion that it is an inevitable outcome in this case. All arguments aside, I personally hate being lumped into the flag waving, Lee Greenwood loving, "darkie" hating, war monger simply becauase I am not vehemently oppossed to this war.
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