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No. Not at all.

Conservatives and (modern) Liberals, the latter of which are better described as progressives, are both authoritarian in nature. They believe in rule by law instead of the rule of law.

I live in the South. My legislature just tried to pass a law that allowed for local voting on as to whether communities might legalize selling beer and wine on Sundays, and the governor basically said, "Fuck You, I'll veto that." But then he said he was joking but that he doubted anything like that would ever pass. That's Conservative.

For a great example of Progressive Authoritarianism, imagine the same story but it's the illegal aliens that aren't allowed to buy beer on Sundays. Same thing...
mburbank~ Yes, okay, fine, I do know what you meant, but why is it not possible for you to get through a paragraph without making all the words cry?

How can someone who obviously thinks so much of their ideas have so little respect for expressing them? How can someone who so yearns to be taken seriously make so little effort?!
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