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I found it amusing that in all his bibliographies, all his research, and all his Google hits, any scientific work that was cited - not read or understood, but cited through someone else's work - was at a minimum 5 years old. This EPA thing he keeps going on about is 5 years old. So Bush had just won term #2 - where's the hue and cry? If there was a public health disaster brewing, why hasn't it been publicized in the 5 years since?

Perhaps because there isn't one? Perhaps because the work was done and the risk was assessed, and found to be negligible against the benefits of minute amounts of fluoride in drinking water?

No, everyone in politics, in the EPA and FDA, in the Water Treatment Industry and in the Toothpaste Industry is "in" on the "conspiracy". This makes sooo much more sense.

My final message to coolie - Keep using dirt to brush your teeth, and paying a premium price to do so. You're keeping "big Toothpaste" in business by doing so.
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