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Originally Posted by TheCoolinator View Post
Relying on only two sources is not too smart in a world with endless possibilities.
Have you ever been to fucking school? You can source a hundred times to just one, just one, of those journals, and as long as they are separate papers they are considered separate sources. JESUS FUCK, you do know that the papers in science journals aren't written by the staff who run the journal right? I mean you have at least a tenuous grasp of the scientific process that even the most retarded college freshman has right? You must have, or else you wouldn't be linking to hundreds of papers you've never read right? To know if they are trustworthy? Right? Not just linked by truthers?

Up until now I've held back the insults, name calling, and character smears in the spirit of good sport. But now that you are gone coolie, I think it was high time I let a little out, since by now it is clear there is no hope for you. You crazy, rapist, truther, angsty, pedo, murdering, theiving, conspiracy theoris, paranoid, mother fucking racist.
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