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Originally Posted by JediScum View Post
I finally broke down and read Wikipedia's bio on the Misfits. Previous research on other pages merely said "they broke up in '83, had a 10 year legal dispute and now there is the misfits again."

I guess they were always arguing in the last year or so, Danzig already had Samhain planned as a side project, and after getting a new drummer who was piss drunk at a show, Danzig annouced "This is the last time we play live". Then they broke up. I know i'm forgetting details.

However, I did read about Doyle and Danzig doing 30 minute Misfit sets before Danzig played. GODDAMN, I wish I knew. I may have actually left the house. I would actually PAY 20, maybe 25 dollars to see that.

I am an old Misfits fan, old enough to be horrified when I heard they "got back together" back in '95. I refused to listen to it. A few years later, I got into arguements with an acquaitance about the whole thing. He claimed Jerry Only had a full legal right to the lyrics of the songs as he "wrote most of them". My position was, and still is, if you actually read the lyrics to Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig, there is a certain style to them. I can not cite examples but it's just the way things are worded. That style of wording is prevalent in all three bands. So, to me, it seems apparent that Danzig wrote MOST of the words. Maybe he got some ideas from Jerry Only, Eerie Von, Lyle Preslar, Brian Baker, London May, John Christ, Doyle, Robo, or Chuck Biscuits... I don't know, I wasn't there.

But it seems to me Danzig created the Misfits and i'd rather pay maybe 27.50 for a chance to see Danzig and Doyle do some old Misfit songs than I would to pay 27.50 to put a Jerry Only action figure on layaway.

I'm going to start a new thread as I have other things to say that's not directly (or remotely) related to the Misfits.

Danzing wrote the lyrics, and probably came up with the less monster-related song ideas, but jerry only wrote most of the actual music himself.
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