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What's up gang. Thinking about quitting my job, moving to another state and creating full time. I figured I'd pitch this out here because a mental breakdown a couple of years ago really did a number on my social circle. Apparently that kind of thing grosses people out big time. Anyway, the benefit of complete isolation/depression is that over the years I've been able to save enough to give myself some time, but I have this nagging fear that my creativity is shot due to my extreme dysphoria. On the flip side, I have so many ideas/concepts that have yet to be rendered/recorded/etc that maybe if I just focus on a list and start hacking at it things might come back to me. I feel like I've got one more solid go in me before I'm spent and it's time catch the bus, so why not make this into a fun project?

So everybody (Tadao, ZBF), any recommendations/advice/wagers on this one? I'm thinking it's going to be a real hoot.
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