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Which explains why you keep bringing up my ethnicity or making posts for no other reason except JUST to tell me how preoccupied YOU think I am with my ethnicity...or adding some bigoted joke or cliched slur (like assuming i have a victim complex)....since you can't see past my religion and you're so psychotic that you think EVERY post i make has some zionist subtext calling out to you....maybe perhaps you should get that problem under control and quit the "hey maaaan you're such and ethnocentric blah blah that you deserve MY racist remarks" bullshit. Shut the fuck up kid.
You're a sick fucking little baby... just a stupid, stupid little kid sitting in the midwest talking about the Jeeeews. Is there anything more tragic?

Anyway - terrorist crimes involving murder get filed away as hate crimes all the time and the details are buried, and the affiliations to various organizations are rarely acknowledged for some reason (perhaps because they'd blow their sources for future intelligence on bigger actions). terrorism doesn't have to involve murder or mass murders to still be terrorism by state department definition. there can be terrorist activities (such as laundering money) without huge destruction to make headlines and it's still terrorist related. plus the wtc bombings took 8 years to plan and execute. al qaeda has taken credit for at least two actions on international soil in the past year.
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