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Originally Posted by kahljorn View Post
I hate how there's this new trend with movies where you cast retarded puppy looking people to play lead roles, and somehow people are attracted to them.
even the girl they casted for that twilight movie looks all retarded and drugged up in every picture I've seen of them. Somebody must've been like casting people who look like themselves or some shit ;/
It's just the latest stupid trend that is "in" right now. Sort of like how all the movies for teenagers have to shoehorn in a soppy love ballad sung in a flat key.

And what the freak Hollywood? How do you miss the point of these movies? Are you not aware of the fact that Michael J. Fox and the cheesiness was what made it fun? They're making it more American Werewolf in Paris? The movie where the attempt at humor consisted of the idiot American frat boy pretending he thought a condom was a bubble gum and chewing it in front of his date?

Why don't they remake movies that weren't well received the first time around? At least if they screw those remakes up then people won't care!
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