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Originally Posted by Pentegarn View Post
When that AT-AT gets tripped by that Snowspeeder it will crush everyone in that poster
Nah, just Cousin Eddie's RV.

Originally Posted by Zomboid View Post
Great stuff. Is that the surfer from Reboot? I'm impressed.
Indeed it is!

Originally Posted by MarioRPG View Post
Mr. Plow yessssss
Gotta have Mr. Plow on a winter poster.

Originally Posted by Dimnos View Post
Is that Batman and Robin mugging down in the corner?
Well, they ARE standing underneath the mistletoe.

Originally Posted by 10,000 Volt Ghost View Post
How dare you kill Jabberjaw
I grew up watching all of those cartoons and I actually loved Jabberjaw (we need more cartoons based on sharks), but he's not that bright and wasn't paying attention to where he was swimming so... that's the result.

Originally Posted by Tadao View Post
Hahaahahahahaha Happy Festivus RoG!
Let us begin with the airing of grievances!

Originally Posted by Dimnos View Post
Is that Skeletor holding a rainbow scythe?
No, he's making a rainbow with his magic staff because he's so happy and has learned the true spirit of Christmas.

Originally Posted by Fathom Zero View Post
And I love how the Maxx is there for absolutely no reason. Hahaha.
Absolutely no reason? How about the fact that the Maxx and all the little Isz are awesome? That's reason enough for me.

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