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"there's a different between self pride in ones ethnicity. and singling out someone else for their ethnicity in a derogatory light.... don'tcha think?"

Why, Acdxx, that's an almost Vincean sentence! But to be fair, of course there's difference. I was merely stating that your 'self pride' does seem ethnocentric in it's singlemindedness. Single minded enough that I get a little uncomfortable you are imagining me 'playing' with my 'dreidel'.

I don't think anything you've said is grounds for a bigotted response at all. The charge, however, that you see everything through a single lense has some merit. Your lense, while quite different from mine, is at least informed and your arguments are reasonably well structured. I might accuse you of having a chip on your shoulder, but you're certainly not an idiot and I always think about what you say.
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