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That paragraph alone says it all. So desperate for a jab that you thought that particular joke about kosher dietary laws was even funny? P.S. I had a pork bun for lunch.

God, you have a poor memory. My point last July was that you don't apply your cultural heritage to things as relevant as religion or diet. Granted most of my Jewish friends don't eat kosher, or do so only on special occasions, you set up your victimhood as a verz transparent fa├žade. You exploit your culture as if it gives you more credibility.

You said last summer something along the lines of "who cares what a white Catholic has to say." Living in the Protestant Bible Belt, has it ever occurred to you that I've probably been dealt more prejudice than most of your Hebrew brethren? Have I ever tried to make myself look like a martyr every time someone quotes the KJV instead of the Vulgate? Why don't I hold Vince in any kind light, despite being comrades in faith?

You'd get a kick out of the Loveline forum, I bet. A kick in the ass, perhaps, but a kick all the same.
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