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I remember when my younger brother got Pokémon Pinball for his Gameboy Color. I had previously played the then hits Pokémon versions (Red, Blue and Yellow) and I thought that this installment would be a profanation to the overall series.

I was wrong.

The game itself proved to be extremely adictive and the idea of catching Pokémon while succesfully accomplishing certain feats was neat. If one thing had me at the verge of almost throwing the Gameboy Color to the nearest wall was the fact that if you wanted to cath the most unique of Pokémons you had to upgrade your ball enough (which usually took a long time) to finally be able to meet a chance of catching one. The problem was that once the damned thing came into screen it took longer to catch than the average ones and the time limit was a concern...

It was a good game anyway...
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