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Originally Posted by dextire View Post
Hmm... I found one on NewEgg that you might be interested in: iBUYPOWER Gamer Supreme 957i

It looks like it's got most of what you want for $1100. And even after warranty, upgrade to Windows 7 Professional, blu-ray drive, and a wifi card it's still about $1300.
It's something to check out at least.
I had actually looked at that one before and ruled it out. Wasn't a fan of some of the components, but yeah, it's still not a bad deal at all.

Originally Posted by AChimp View Post
Unless you're an audiophile, you can probably save some cash by going with onboard sound. Long ago the onboard sound used to suck balls, but now it's pretty decent. I haven't bought an actual sound card in about eight years.
That's certainly true... I've been kinda on the fence about buying a sound card or not. It's one of the things that I'll likely skip on come buying time to shave off a few bux.
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