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Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
The only bad thing about this plan was that ordinary working families were going to end up paying more than the polluting corporations.
Isn't that what I've been saying all along? Can't we agree that this hoax was meant to do this from the beginning. Make the ordinary people pay? Come on Zhukov, your so close.

Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
It was shelved for political, and economical reasons. French companies were going to be put at a disadvantage compared to their German counterparts, who wouldn't be paying the tax.
Once again. That's the POINT. Drive down wages, industry, and allow 3rd world countries to pollute as much as they want. It's austerity for you. Not wallstreet.

Originally Posted by Zhukov View Post
There was no "struggle" here, except for the continual attempts to make you see logic and reason.

There were TONS and TONS of Union strikes. It pretty much shut the whole country down. General strikes = struggle.
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