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Okay, we are almost there!!!

This part gets a little involved because a lot of new characters get added. I don't like getting off topic when i am wrting this cause it is all unedited first draft and i will most likely drift off point and never come back if i do. so i am going to describe all the characters i can think are relevant to the rest of the story:

Brian W. and Ivy

i met Brian W. when i started working at outback. i did not have any friends and when he asked me to hang out with him i was suprised. for the last year and a half NO ONE was my friend. aside from the kids i talked to people at work and no one else, and never when we were off work. i did not have anywhere to go, and was pretty lonely so i accepted.

we went back to his place after work and i was pretty suprised to meet Ivy. Brian was one of those guys that it suprises you when you find out they are straight, so him having a girlfriend was unexpected. Ivy looked like a bruenett version of Heather Grahms character in Boogie Nights, except just a bit chubbier. She was all sexy and dangerous (her job was being a coke dealer) and very fun to be around.

We smoked a lot of weed, did lots of coke and played NCAA basketball of some sort on Brian's xbox. it was the best time i had in years. i had made a few freinds.

Ivy was especially good at hooking me up with chicks. i dont sleep around a lot, but i love women and most epsecially flirting with them. Ivy would find whatever girl she wanted me to hang out with (she had good taste too) and walk her up to me, tell the chick how awsome i am, and then split. This worked well and led me to see one of the greatest things i have ever saw.

Her name was Sophia and i met her in just the way i described above. i was standing at the bar, and checking out everyone dressed up for Halloween. pretty much minding my business. and Ivy dressed as a slutty nurse appears out of the crowd pulling a pretty little angel along behind her. it was like two of my old Hook Ups shirts come to life. pretty fucking cool, and it was friendship at first site.

You ever meet somone and know instantly that you were gonna be friends? Sophia and i started talking, kept talking until closing, and talked for a long time at breakfast, and then on the phone for about a week. then she asked if i would hang out with her while she worked.

i was not expecting much, early on Sophia told me that she walked dogs for a living. i figured that it would be cool to hang out but not much fun. i picked her up at her house around noon. as we drove to what i thought was the first house on her route she told me a story i had not heard yet.

"I was raped when I was twelve years old," she said. She was all white blonde hair and freckles across her nose, and her blue eyes were very serious.

"And then," she continued "I got raped by one of my neighbors. A big tall black guy. He knew my parents were gone, he broke in the house. I never told on him, and he came back and did it a few more times until my family moved. Eventually I started to like him doing it."

i just nodded, this was a bit deeper than i expected. She was so innocent looking. it made me sad that so many people had hurt her. i was sort of at a loss for words. We arrived at the house, and she knocked on the door. A huge black guy answered the door.

"Who the fuck is that?" he asked, not even looking at me.

"My manager," Sophia said with a big smile.

Huge black chuckled and held the door for us. There were about ten naked black dudes, a bed in the middle of the room, a couple of cameras, and a small lighting rig. Sophia took off her clothes, and i tried really hard to look cool.

For next few hours i watch Sophia get fucked in every possible way. it was insane. not the dirtiest thing i ever saw, but a close second. i could not stop watching.

When it was all over Huge black handed me a huge wad of cash (3,000 i would later learn) and Sophia and i went our merry way. i felt like a motherfucking pimp.

later we sat in my car smoking a joint. "I realized when I was 18 that i could not fuck enough. i never felt angry about being raped, just confused because i liked it so much. doing this is pretty much the same as a rape, and i get paid for it. What do you think?"

"As long as your happy."

we stayed friends for awhile, but she "worked" a lot, and we eventually each had other shit to do.

this was the sort of shit Brian W. and Ivy got me into. They were the catalyst for me starting a whole new social life. we had a lot of fun together. i really dont know if they come up much again, but i really wanted to tell the porn star story. but just the same, i was back in the game.

next, dsprings...
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