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Oh, I agree on most of these, though the hands in Labyrinth didn't really scare me at the time, the others did. Especially the Pee Wee one and the Superman III one. It probably didn't do any good that I had already seen the first Terminator by the time I watched Superman III...

I'm not sure if Deliverance counts in this list. The scene is mostly what the movie's remembered for (and the Dueling Banjos). There's even that "Row Faster, I Hear Banjos" meme. Thus, if you're watching it, you already know it's going to happen. (But it might have caught the original moviegoers off guard when it came out.)

I'd add another "gotcha!" scene to the list: the nightmare sequence in Big Momma's House. Yeah, crappy humor movie & all, but the whole thing kinda plays more like a scene taken out of "Stepfather" than a comedy movie. When the killer husband appeared, I actually jumped at the theater!
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