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Look sir you no nothing of my taste and and should not pretend that you do because I defend one show that is better than most of the bullshit on cable tv now days. If you don't like it, than that's your opinion but don't get pissed when I defend it.

I stand beside the fact that in the zombie genre most thing don't happen in a natural way. Sure Romero's stuff was great but that was also back when zombies where new and fresh. Unfortunately, that time has long since past and we are left with everything that follows, and the stuff consist of less and less story and more and more gore. In fact that is what the genre has become defined by, not just it but the horror genre in general. That why movies like Saw 6 can even exist and you can suggest it to people that have a different taste than you.

I won't argue that the old horror classics like Night of the Living Dead where amazing and that there something to be missed, but they are relics of a different time. I only a accept what the mainstream has lead us to and there is nothing that you or any one else can do about it. The zombie genre is a saturated and watered down and will always be just like vampires and serieal killers. I mean even old George suffered from the new age changes. Did you not see Diary of the Dead?

Anyway my final point is, you don't have to like the show. The critics and fans more than speak for it and it probably won't end any time soon. Despite how much you may dislike or down right hate the story and acting, it has been nominated for a Golden Globe and Writers Guild of America award, which probably speaks volumes more for it than some dick in a forum. But I insist, keep pretending that you know my taste in film and tv and spouting out bull shit to defend your right to hate a successful and genraly watchable show, that is the American way right? Oh wait.......

By the way, I have never even seen an episode of The Talking Dead (didn't know what that even was until I looked up after you said it) and think all the Saw movies are total shit and I've only seen the first two.
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