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Man, if i spent all my time trying to decypher your misinformation, I would end up having a chair molded to my ass.

Yes, I am fit by my standards. A hell of a lot better than I used to be, and yes, I went out and got my first tan in a long time. Had a nice day, decided to get one.

I am in admissions at a private college. The offer was a offer made to anyone, but I talked to the guy privately for a bit. Like I said before.

And yes, I would like to go into radio or politics. If this am station deal works out for me, Ill post the on-line listen area if they have one.

Some of us like the idea of being able to pull the cart, to see the world in the direction of freedom and equality. Some, such as yourself, are set firm in sitting around and bitching about everything, but never doing anything with any substance to change the world.
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