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I think my girlfriend is logging into my google account to see what's in my history.

I saw her IP (she lives away from me... in another country) in the "recent activity" section on gmail quite a bit, but she said that is because we have a shared google document that we use to keep track of savings, and when she visits that, it goes to my account... or something like that.

I really, really like her, so I said I believed her and left it at that, even though I didn't really believe at all.

Oh, also, someone had turned the history tracker thingie on, when I had it turned off by default. Does any of this make sense? After I changed my password I haven't seen her IP anymore.

So the problem isn't how to find out if she is, because I am pretty sure she is, (or did) it's just what I should do about it. I feel like I should be massively upset about this decimation of my privacy, but I'm only really sad that she lied to me. If she had owned up I would have forgiven and forgotten. I don't really care if she reads my emails, 99% of them are to her.

Anyway, what would YOU do? Is this a big deal? Is this just a little white lie?

Funny or helpful answers only please.
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