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About two years ago steady unemployment caused my finances to hit rock bottom, and comic books became something I could no longer afford. I'd been reading them since 1969!

Does anyone know a site out there that gives capsule updates? Not reviews, just what happened.

Caps alive, right. What;s he doing?

Batman is back, but Dick Grayson is still Batman. Hows that work?

Thor's obviously alive again, any explanation?

Are the fucking 'dark Avengers' still making everything suck?

Is Hank Pym still 'The Wasp'?

How does the rest of the Marvel Universe negotiate Spiderman having ditched his last twenty years, or do they bother at all, or is that over yet?

Wonder Woman retconed again? Did her history disappear as well, and if so, is anybody bothering to account for it?

I've been into the comic store, and in two friggin years it's all become incomprehensible to me.

Any help would be appreciated.
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