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Well, video of them shooting him isn't going to explain in detail how he masterminded 9/11. I'm not saying that is the reason he shouldn't have been killed, I'm saying that is something that has been lost because of it.

I also don't mean to just be picking on the USA; if Australia was in the same position and it all went down the same way then I'd be surprised if his execution would arouse outrage from the majority of the population here either. I was impressed by the support of David Hicks (Australian held in Guantanamo Bay and tortured) but it was more the fact that he was a white Australian in trouble, and there is little support for other detainees.

There are 'many' people inside the US that would be unhappy about the incarceration and torture of "suspected" terrorists, I don't deny it.

Australians aren't wary of big government; they are just apathetic about everything unless it's Islam and Asians TAKING JOBS.
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