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Hey rez do you like wearing glowbelly's vagina? I bet on a warm summer day there's a cool breeze in there.

You know rez I've been struggling to figure out who you remind me of, and it just struck me that you remind me of lenor.
Oh yea, and its funny that glowbelly even brought up this underwear thing. I mean, I was like 15 when this happened and she offered to send me her used underwear? I think she might have a hint of pedophilia in her. She probably got off to it and then realized how gross it made her, hence the aftermath. She obviously has a thing for guys in ladies apparel -- I wouldn't be surprised if she already sent you a pair of her underwear. Damn I can't believe it took me this long to realize that. OH WELL, I WAS A NAIVE YOUTH, EASILY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY INTERNET PEDOPHILES.

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