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Old Apr 28th, 2003, 09:31 PM       
this is typical of the isreali crimes against the palistinians.. what's not typical is the footage getting out.. though its not so damning (only one death) what i think is damning is what the official says about the incident and coverage.

the neo-capitalists believe in privatizing profits and socializing losses
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Old Apr 29th, 2003, 03:08 PM       
Originally Posted by Abcdxxxx
but once again, let's not glorify her actions as somehow heroic. People are parading around with her image, as a human rights activist, when she was just someone with a decisively pro-palestinian stance sympathetic and supportive to the intifada. That's it. It's in her own words. Put them back into context, and she STILL rationalized the Intifada.
Is it wrong to be pro-palestinian, ABC??? I mean, you don't even really believe in a Palestinian, do you??

ISM, as I'm sure was the same with Rachel Corrie, support the resistance of Palestinian oppression, which is likewise a tenant of the intifada. They DO NOT support suicide bombing, or targeting, innocent people, and nothing Rachel Corrie said implies otherwise, either.

There is no context in which teaching Palestinian children to burn an Israeli flag can be construed as teaching tolerance, coexistance or aiding their struggle in a constructive PEACEFUL manner.
Do you not believe in such a free, expressive, public display, ABC?? Although I wouldn't do it, I can burn an American flag. That doesn't mean I wish violence, or war, upon the civilians of the United States.

Anger and frustration can lead to violence, but not necessarily all the time. Rachel Corrie, like many Palestinians, blame Israel for their plight. You can disagree with this, but it's not right for you to call this "unpeaceful" in its nature. Is an Israeli, who might oppose a Palestinian state, by nature hateful and violent...?

Don't you think it would be a better idea for an International peace activist group to disassociate from violent groups that commit premeditated murders? What amount of community service makes genicidal homocide acceptable? Do tell.
Your logic is the very kind that will never alow peace to be a possibility. You don't want to bargon with Arafat, you want someone else, so who do you get? You get another extremist making big promises. Maybe someone from Hamas, maybe someone from another group with violent, terrorist ties.

ISM, by denouncing acts of violence and terrorism, DO in fact denounce what happened to that Baptist girl. EVERYONE knows that what happened to her is wrong, and any group that has justified her death is wrong, and should be dismissed.

But how many have justified and rationalized Rachel Corrie's death? I saw one editorial in the Jerusalem Post that said we are crying over the "wrong Rachel," in other words, Rachel Corrie was rotten, and the Israelis (clearly, the only "true" victims here) are the children of biblical Rachel. It's language like this that angers people about Rachel, and it's cold justification such as this that only makes her more of a martyr.

Don't you think it would serve their time better to send their members to put pressure on the Palestinian Authority for the release of billions in stolen funds rather then putting their life on the line jumping on bulldozers? Maybe they should work to remove civilians from dangerous areas along the Philladelphi line in Rafah, and relocate them in better safer neighborhoods so that the IDF can shut down these tunnels.
RIGHT! I SEE clearly now! Rather than help the Palestinians against the IDF, what they should do is in fact work as a relocation program FOR the IDF! That's GENIUS! We can just keep picking them up, moving them around, and when terrorists pop up again, just pick them up, move them again, find someplace to put them, etc. It could work!

I know why not... because they were protecting the TUNNELS not the homes. Rachel Corrie even acknowledged these tunnels in her diary...she knew they were there. It's not a smear campaign against some poor innocent girl, it's a reaction to an organization that has exploited this incident to smear the IDF. They waited for an oppurtunity like this, and they had photographers standing by just in case!
Who released her diary to the public, her parents? Can I see Rachel's written support of smuggling tunnels...? Everything else by her, you have succeeded in distorting and elaborating on, so I'd LOVE to read this....

I think you're right. I think the plan by the ISM was to sacrifice one of their own, in order to smear the IDF.

Where is the house in any of those photos? Where is the family or the doctor supposedly inside? Why did the doctor on the scene lie and say she was DOA when the pictures, along with the testimonies prove otherwise? Why did the ISM change their story? If the bulldozer really backed over her then why is her body intact? Do you realize how hard it is to get hit by a tractor moving ten miles an hour??? Why isn't there any logic to the evidence that ties it together? Why are you guy's using suspension of belief to believe what you want? D-10 Catepillars do not have lights that raise and lower!!!! The sun in Israel does not shift that drastically in 15 minute time spans. Tragic incidents like this do not normally need to be embelished!!!! Nobody even needed to see play by play photos. The event would have been JUST as harsh without the ISM milking it with "proof". She obviously died...it's horrible...what are they tryiing to hide?
The ISM obviously bumped her off, and I think when she didn't die the first time, one of the Palestinian terrorists they hire probably put a bullet in her to finish the job, and then they lied, EVERYONE on the scene with ISM, to smear the IDF. After all, you can't trust these shifty hippies. They're always setting people up, taking pictures in order to create smear campaigns, changing stories to justify their own hit....

Maybe somebody had beef with Rachel from WITHIN ISM. Yeah, that sounds feasible. Maybe she was about to spill the beans about how they really like to support terrorism and drink the blood of Jews, so they used this as an opportunity to silence her. There's really a huge choice of options, ALL indicting the rotten, evil ISM.

"Supporting terrorism is wrong, but this is NOTwhat the ISM has set out to do. "

So acting as shields for Arafat, and armed militants associated with various terror groups inside of the Church of Nativity isn't supporting terrorism?
Again, was it just the ISM who defended Arafat, and the the Nativity here...? Did President Bush not condemn Israel for surrounding Arafat's compound...?

They support resistance NOT peace. If you want to pretend their association working alongside terrorists is all accidental fringe activities then you're just turning a blind eye.
You're right. There's really only one way towards peace: liquidation. I think if the ISM complied with your relocation idea, we could probably convince the world that ALL of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are in fact "harboring terrorism," eventually we could get these "Palestinians" out of there completely, through the "peace" efforts of the ISM and the IDF (they just sound good together, don't they?). Once we get most of them into Jordan and Egypt, we could then call ALL OF THEM terrorists! It'll work, call them all terrorists, kids, women, elderly, and just KILL THEM! How does that sound? I really think we should "give peace a chance," so to speak.
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