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Old Feb 13th, 2012, 05:37 PM        I am a god damn music philistine help me
For some reason I've always been sort of on the periphery of music. I have a hard time finding things I like, I guess because my taste is all gayed up as a result of being horribly sheltered or something. I want to get back into music the way I was a few years ago, before I pretty much stopped listening to it because I was living with people who were likely to be offended by the naughty lyrics in songs I was listening to and I hate wearing headphones.

Anyway I need some recommendations. You may feel free to judge me as a human being based on my musical tastes. Here's what I like:

Frank Zappa - I love basically 80% of what Zappa has done, which is an enormous amount of music. My favorite album is the Fillmore East June 1971 live album, and I love all of the Flo and Eddie stuff. Less so the weird 80s experimental synth jazz like Jazz from Hell.

The Beatles - of course. I don't care too much about their earlier pop band stuff but the White Album and Sgt. Pepper's are among my favorite albums ever.

Pink Floyd - yeah, given

Led Zeppelin - again

Pixies - I kind of go back and forth on Pixies because I seem to either love or hate their songs without much inbetween but I can't really identify quite what I like or don't like about any specific song. I guess it's dependent on my mood.

Lush - I love Lush. Again, less a fan of the more poppy stuff like Ladykillers and more into stuff like Light from a Dead Star and Monochrome. I've heard this genre described as "dreampop?" I'm really bad at describing music by genre so if you know what the fuck I'm going on about and can recommend other bands along these lines that would be c00l

My Bloody Valentine - I've only really listened to Loveless in any depth but god damn that album owns, with songs like Loomer in particular being a favorite.

I'm also interested in finding more music along the vein of songs like these:
Frank Zappa - Twenty Small Cigars
Deadly Premonition - In a Jazzy Mood (yes this is from a video game, but it's the best game ever, and it's the closest thing I can find to the 'mood' I'm looking for)

I don't know what kind of genre this would fall under. It's kind of like club jazz or something. Dark, and very bassy. I've had Miles Davis recommended to me so I'm going to try to get some of his albums.
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